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A picture of a quiet nature landscape. There is a river and a tree on the bank. It is sunset


This lyrical and pastoral image set a trend for car commercials and has been and continues to be imitated by every car manufacturing company worldwide.  Created, produced and directed in 1986 by Charles Abehsera, Whoosh defies the passage of time.

A photo of a man who is captured by the police.


If an analogy could be made between commercials and boxing, Raid would be the heavyweight champion of the world.  This PSA has literally saved the vitamin industry from extinction.  To quote Dan Rather and Connie Chung of CBS who showed the commercial in its entirety, “…this commercial has elicited more mail to Congress than any other in history…and was responsible for changing the FDA [ruling].”  Indeed, three and a half million letters is a number matched only by the Vietnam issue.

We see the cafe on the picture. Two men a sitting at the bar. We see only their backs.


This award-winning Abehsera & Partners classic is another example of a story told in a minimal production.  Everything happens in one frame, the camera never moves and yet because of the simplicity of the concept, the art direction, the strikingly beautiful and unique photography and the short and forthright copy, there’s no need for extraneous action, which plagues the majority of commercials out there (read…waste of client’s money, not to mention the visual and sound pollution that is thrown at the audience).

An elder man and woman are sitting at the table. The surrounding is bright: green walls, green coctails.


Flambe is a classic example of Abehsera & Partners’ work.  Big ideas executed in a small production, as opposed to big productions either getting in the way of ideas or with no idea.  Flambe, as in other Abehsera & Partners productions, started a trend in simple story telling in the most possible minimal way, with excellent directing of actors, great casting and art direction.  This campaign has been very effective for the client and as an added plus, has won every conceivable award.  This is a perfect example of a solidly tight production.

A black and white picture of the snowy landscape. A lot of snow and big forest trees


Part of a campaign for the mountain resort Breckinridge, this is another first-place award-winning commercial that demonstrates the range and versatility of Abehsera & Partners as well as that of Back Home Pictures, the in-house production company.

A dog - doberman. We see its head. He is barking


A classic one-two punch/problem-solution concept in low-budget advertising.

The photo of a three naked man

Product Demo

Product Demo unabashedly makes a graphic depiction of the dire story from the man’s point of view, essentially saying to the man, with the wee-wee gone, what’s left of manhood?

There is a man and a woman on the picture. Man is sitting on the couch. Woman is hugging his head passionately


A classic one-two punch/problem-solution concept in low-budget advertising.

The girl on the street. She holds a sign "Stop" near the road

Working Girls

This award-winning anti-smoking campaign targets men, where it hurts the most. Working Girls, this first place award winner, is from the women’s point of view reminding men that when they smoke it puts men and women out of commission.

There is a girl on the picture. She wears a big sweter. And she hides something beneath it.


This chilling and formidable Public Service Announcement is a powerful example of what can be achieved with a shoestring budget and a brilliant concept.

We can see the reflection of a woman in the mirrow. She is an attractive woman, wearing nightgown


Cut to the good parts


BackHome Pictures’ film slate consists of four unique stories in completely different genres

The Prophet of San Francisco Documentary

In production. OCT 2024 Release

A companion to the movie The Prophet of San Francisco, this is a compelling and comprehensive feature-length documentary on the life and times of Henry George and the genius of his land tax ideas.

El Cordobes

In development

The classic tale of a true hero is about an underdog who triumphs over all his adversaries, most notably himself.


In development

A fascinating story about a 19th-century American hero whose genius ideas inspire a modern day maverick who is determined to bring those remarkably prescient ideas to the world.

Dance at My Weddings

In development

A truly original and irresistible comedy.